What we need to know about Betsy Devos

The new US Education Secretary has been taking on some new challenges in the face of the new school year. In fact, she has been working with security officials and school administrations to propose new safety zones and evacuation plans. However, it was in her “60 Minutes” interview with Leslie Stahl that she originally talked about her efforts in school safety reform, along with educational choice.


Stahl delivered a pretty harsh interview, outlining areas where Devos could improve, as well as questioning about whether she thought that guns would be necessary in school classrooms. Devos was against the idea and staunchly defended her educational reform plan, stating that the improvement in test scores only shows an improvement in memorization. She believes that students aren’t getting the right comprehension and math skills to place America back in the top for education.


However, she has been taking a step back from educational reform to focus on school safety. The new 2018 to 2019 school year already showed an addition to school security with new proposals for school safety guards as wels as limited entrances. Schools are meant to be safe, but some parents are worried that schools have turned into a prison.


Many public school teachers are also not happy with Devos for her inability to explain educational choice well. However, Devos believes that they are taking fiction from facts, which include that philanthropy has been the biggest supporter of voucher and scholarship programs for educational choice programs.


Devos grew up believing that she could change the educational system. It has been her dream to be the US Education Secretary, and you can see it in the way that she answers questions without flinching. She doesn’t deny or take a pause either. It’s the way that she carries herself that has allowed her to gain interviews with some of the most powerful in media. She wants to show that she is not afraid to do something different and believes in educational choice as a way for students and parents to get what they want from the current curriculum.


It’s been a difficult road for Betsy Devos, but she will continue to thrive as she has two more years to fully flesh out her plans for educational choice.


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