Victoria Doramus: A Long Road From Addition to Recovery

The world of addiction is somewhat of a mystery to those who have not experienced it themselves.

Friends, relatives, and loved ones of the person who is addicted can only imagine why the person that they love would intentionally try to destroy their lives with drugs and/or alcohol.

In an article from, Victoria Doramus has graciously decided to open a door – into her life – and invite the world in to witness her own personal experience in battling addiction, in an effort to help others as they begin to navigate their journeys down this treacherous road. And, at the same time, she may be able to help the loved ones – of the addicted – to gain an insight, into the hidden world of addiction, from the perspective of a (former) addict who is well on her way down the road to recovery.

The process of someone who is trying to cope with addiction is never easy, and Victoria Doramus is brutally honest about her successes and failures in the pursuit of a life of sobriety. She tells a story of recovery and relapse and the challenges involved with the discipline of accountability to oneself and with her peers who depend on each other for strength and encouragement, one day at a time.

Victoria Doramus, a consumer trends expert and creative marketer, has taken her life experiences and used them to help others in the grip of addiction. She understands that the individual has to make the effort to be free from a life of addiction, however, she also knows that no one can achieve sobriety alone. Victoria Doramus now works with a variety of charitable organizations who are part of the recovery network community in the United Kingdom.


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