Throw the best party of your life with these easy tips

Picture your guests complimenting you on your fantastic party planning skills. The food is delicious, decorations are festive, and everyone is having a good time. Little do they know that you received a little help to get you started. A party planning veterans wants to give you a couple pointers how to kick your game up with some easy and simple ideas.


Just don’t throw any party, throw a themed party. The Great Gatsby table settings and invites will surely impress your guests. Hey, you can even have them dress up in your theme heightening the feeling of fun. Anyone for a flapper dress? You can serve the classic Manhattan at your self-serve bar. Guests can pick from a variety of drinks, including your very own concoction. Food is best kept simple and easy. You can serve hors d’oeuvres and appetizers like dip, chips, and a meat platter. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to make them, or you can just pick them up at your local grocery store. If children are going to be present at the party, set them up a fun and interactive space. No kid wants to sit around watching their parents talk. Give them something to do like color, build a blanket fort, or watch Pinocchio with a bowl of popcorn. You can even pay a babysitter to keep the children out of trouble. This also means you can relax too. A host/hostess is best when they are having fun with their guests. As the party winds down and guests start leaving, send them home with a fun and thoughtful party favor. Treats, tickets to the movies, or whatever fits your theme will do.


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