The success of Bob Rein as a business leader

When Bob Rein is mentioned, what rings is mind if Talk Fusion, the company that he founded and is the CEO. His determination and self-discipline have helped Bob to succeed in a career where many have attempted and failed. Bob is known to have a lot of sense of humor, but this has not prevented him from being committed to his dreams.


Bob Rein has juggled through several jobs while at the University of South Florida and was once a police officer for 10 years. However, his entrepreneurial calling was still ringing deep in his heart that he engaged in direct selling as a part-time associate. This passion in the marketing field compelled Bob to give up a steady paycheck and take a bold risk that his friends and family thought he had lost his mind.


How to Talk Fusion idea was born


In 2004, Bob took a short video clip of a potential house in North Carolina and wanted to send it to his family for opinion through AOL email through his phone. However, it was not possible to send AOL, and that is what triggered him to think of ways using his IT expert friends to enable people to send video through email. That is how Talk fusion became a video marketing solution.


After opening its doors in 2007, Talk Fusion has helped many people through its flagship product the video emails. Because of his many years of experience in marketing, Bob was able to spearhead his company to the global platform. His innovative vision, passion to help other people succeed and his charismatic leadership has made him, and his company is what it is today. His dream is to change the lives of others through technology. Bob succeeded because he had the passion, commitment, self-discipline and followed his dreams. Learn more:


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