The Ryan Seacrest Foundation Provites Pediatric Patients With Media Centers To Aid In Their Healing Process

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation is often referred to as the RSF. This organization is nonprofit and dedicated to inspiring the youths of today through initiatives focused on education and entertainment. Building broadcast media centers is the first initiative of RSF. These centers are called Seacrest Studios and are located in pediatric hospitals. This provides patients the ability to explore the creative areas of new media, television and radio.

According to Forbes, the goal of RSF is to make a positive contribution towards the healing process of children as well as their families while staying in the hospital. These centers are developed to provide an uplifting spirit to the hospital community. RSF believes when patients have access to multimedia experiences it brings adventures both stimulating and exciting. This provides patients with a sense of optimism and encouragement through their treatment. RSF also believes reaching out to the community is very important. This includes local journalism school students. They are given the opportunity to receive experience first hand in the operations of a multimedia center, programming and broadcasting.

RSF helps children with the process of healing by engaging them in the broadcast media centers in the hospitals. Their collaboration with schools and organizations within the community has made a difference for not only the patients but many journalism students as well. Seacrest Studios provides several different types of programming to the hospital patients. Some patients are in their rooms and use the TV screen to watch what is happening through a closed circuit network. Other patients are actually in the studio. The studios produce and broadcast a nice selection of programming. This includes live performances and interviews of celebrities and artists and patients and interns filling the role of the DJ’s to play music and host live radio shows. The interns and patients are both taught how all of the equipment is used.

Music shows and videos are created by the patients by using the studio’s green screen. The presentations featured in the educational segments include history, science, dance, art and more. There are entertainment and sports talk shows and the studio is used by doctors as a way to connect with the hospital community. You can connect with Seacrest on Facebook or visit his website for more info.

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