The Impactful Amicus Therapeutics

For a business to really succeed in its niche market, it needs to dedicate its energy towards providing a solution to a problem affecting the society. This is exactly what has made Amicus Therapeutics the force that it is today. This company recognized the problems caused by rare and orphan diseases in our society and chose to provide a solution. That is why they dedicate all their energy and resources towards providing groundbreaking therapies for such diseases. Their dedication has paid over the years, with the company being listed publicly. This is indeed proof of the acknowledgment by investors of their noble task.

This great biotechnology company is traded in NASDAQ as FOLD. Its therapies are advanced, whereby they are able to treat a host of devastating diseases (SeekingAlpha). They mainly concentrate on human genetic diseases. Whereas migalastat is their lead product candidate, whereas it is in the final stages of development. This product is designed in a manner that it can treat persons suffering from Fabry disease, where they base the treatment on their genetic diagnosis. This is welcome news to individuals who have to disease and those persons who have their loved ones affected.


Amicus Therapeutics is led by a team of highly skilled and experienced individuals, who have a driving force towards helping the society. They not only run Amicus Therapeutics as a business, but they also have the passion to deliver a lasting solution to orphan and rare diseases. This company remains focused on providing great innovations that will provide a lasting solution to various ailments that plague our society.

The chief executive offer of Amicus Therapeutics is John F. Crowley, who has held the position since 2005. He is well placed to lead this institution to greater heights. John is also the chairman of the company’s board, a position he assumed in 2010 when he succeeded Donald Hayden. His leadership has been instrumental to the growing reputation of Amicus Therapeutics. This company is indeed a role model to other organizations, who should always look to provide solutions to problems that plague our society.

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