The Contribution of Securus Technologies in Jails in Association with Their CEO: Rick Smith

The chief executive officer is the head of the company. It is the individual who is in this position, who sets the pace of the business. The direction the company follows is based on the choices and decisions that the CEO makes. It is, therefore, essential that the Board of Directors take their time in choosing the individual to take the seat.

Securus Technologies is the leading high technology company in the provision of technology in the correctional services. The company has greatly improved the lives of the inmates and their friends. They have been many improvements in the correctional facilities. Read more on

The convicts can communicate with their relatives conveniently through video and audio calls. These calls have helped maintain the bond between the inmates and their relatives despite being behind bars. Relatives of the detained families say that this has contributed significantly to the reforming process of the prisoners.

Securus Technologies has gone an extra mile to see that the two parties communicate comfortably. For example, the relatives and friends no longer need to go to jail to communicate with their loved ones. They can call them using the webcam from the comfort of their homes. This technology has been especially helpful to the relatives with inmates who are in jails that are far from their homes. They may not be able to travel all the time to talk to the convicts. Then there are individuals with two or more jobs. These persons may not have time to pop in jail now and then. Lack of visitation may affect the prisoners. They may feel neglected and abandoned. The technology is, therefore, very vital.

All these successes have been possible as a result of having an able CEO. Rick Smith is the CEO of Securus Technologies. He was appointed in 2008. Since his reign began, there has been nothing but developments.

Rick Smith is very passionate about his work. It is his love for videos that led him to introduce video calls in the correctional facilities.

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Rick Smith has various attributes that have led him to achieve the success of Securus Technologies. He had worked in numerous firms before he was nominated in Securus. He was, therefore, very experienced. The last company he worked for before Securus, was Eschelon-Telkom. He served as their CEO and President. It is worthwhile to note that he worked in different departments before he became CEO. It is his high performance that led to his promotion. By the time he joined the company, the annual revenue was $30 million. He improved the revenue to $350 million.

The Educational skills of Rick Smith have also contributed to his leadership. He has an Electrical Engineering degree and masters in the same. Smith also has a master’s degree in Mathematics not to forget his MBA. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

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