The 21st Century Takeover of Lime Crime Cosmetics

Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime cosmetics, is the woman of the hour. Lime Crime is one of the most flamboyant brands to ever hit the cosmetics scene thanks to its vivid display of makeup products. This eclectic brand has been around since 2008, and it has made a huge impact on society. The company offers the widest array of colors out of any other makeup company, including Revlon, Almay, L’Oréal or MAC. For a new brand, this speaks volumes. Another cool note that Lime Crime possesses is that it names its colors in a fun type of way. Some of the names included are shroom, cashmere, black velvet, pink velvet, utopia, zenon, red velvet, wicked, scandal, peacock, polly, fetish, trouble, cement and many more.


Doe Deere’s entrepreneurial spirit is what pushes her to the limit, but this is a good thing. Thanks to Deere’s passion, consumers have a much larger pool to choose from when it comes to beauty products. Lime Crime offers hair dye, offers lip gloss, offers lipstick, offers glitter and offers many other products. The Venus III eyeshadow palette is the new addition to the company’s exclusive line-up. This eyeshadow comes in a distinct box, and it is full of blended colors. Venus III is the actual continuation to the previous models of Venus II and Venus XL. The company uses its huge social-media presence to tease the fans. Lime Crime generally has thousands of followers on Instagram alone. That’s right! Hitting new markets should always be a goal for business owners. Lime Crime has certainly done this by opening a new shop in London. Having the ability to standout amongst a crowd is what Lime Crime does best, and it’s unapologetic about doing so. Learn more:


These products have a long list of benefits, including being brilliant in color, being longer lasting than other brands and being affordable. Yes, the company has hit some road blocks along the way, but what company hasn’t? Correcting the mistakes is what keeps you in business as well as keeps you on top. “We must learn from our mistakes, and we must grow from our mistakes,” said Deere. Deere has used her personal sense style to make this brand into a hit. She has attended the affluent Fashion Institute of Technology while residing in New York City, and she has played in a band. What more can Doe Deere actually do? As of now, she has certainly done enough goodwill to add some excitement to many people’s lives.

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