Tammy Mazzocco Works Hard and Reaps the Rewards

Tammy Mazzocco sayst that there is no secrets to her success in the real estate business because all that she knows she learned from someone else. Mazzocco is a successful residential broker in Central Ohio who covers four separate counties in the state. She got her start in the selling end of the business in 1999 after spending several years in supportive roles in the real estate industry.

She gives a lot of credit to her friend and mentor, Judy Gang, a broker with RE/MAX who helped Tammy get her start in the sales and marketing end of the business. Tammy likes to give credit where credit is due, and she works hard to put all of that advice to good use.

Her workdays begin early, as she tackles the boring things early on such as paperwork and email. She spends some quality time on the phone contacting leads and potential appointments to show houses to prospective buyers. This is where progress is made because unless buyers see homes, they have nothing to measure one property against another, which results in no decisions.

Mazzocco knows that people bring other problems to the table besides their desire to buy a house. In many cases, these other problems can be a barrier to the prospects buying the house. Tammy makes it a point to focus in on the real issues, if they are there, and to attempt to get them solved somewhat so the transaction of purchasing property can continue and result in a sale. https://ideamensch.com/tammy-mazzocco/

When asked what motivates her, Tammy answers that setting and completing goals is what keeps her on track. Goals need to be set, but their accomplishment happens best when the goals are broken down into action steps. It is difficult to even think about attaining large goals sometimes, but if they are broken down, each piece of the goal can be reached.

Mazzocco says that she no longer takes herself too seriously. She does not live in a state of the fear of failure because in sales there can be a lot of failures. Bue, Mazzocco sayst that those “failures” are just a hitch in the road to success, and they must still be pursued.

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