Dr. Mark Mofid is a distinguished American surgeon for his extensive research in cosmetic operation. He has left a mark in the cosmetic medical community for his innovative contributions in developing safer implants for San Diego and La Jolla patients. With his Harvard and Johns Hopkins University education and eight years of developing surgery methodologies, he has gained much prominence globally.

Credibly, Mark Mofid has changed the negative publicity that was linked with the gluteal augmentation industry by the discovery of superior implants with better looks. It is evident that Dr. Mofid has more than business interests in his pursuits of advancement in cosmetic surgery. Nowadays, the industry has transcended from the challenges such as implants that are incompatible with human body and tendency for the operations to go wrong.

Mark Mofid has been working hand in hand with Dr. Raul Gonzalez of Brazil who is also an expert in the industry for years. Dr. Mofid was motivated by how Brazil was ahead in the gluteal augmentation industry. Notably, in 2012 there were roughly 20,000 performed cosmetic operations in Brazil against just 1000 in the US. At the moment, with the likes of Dr. Mofid, there are great strides made so far to lead in the industry.

Remarkably, Mark Mofid uses the latest technology such as Cutera cosmetic laser which removes hair and treats veins. Also with aggressive chemical peels, facial reconstruction is done efficiently. He is of the opinion that the best form of marketing is exemplary work and putting clients above everything. He receives constant positive reviews from his patients from different origins.

It is admirable that Mark Mofid is continuously on the verge of modernizing the industry procedures and the well-being of the patients at whatever cost. For many years he has been in the clinical faculty of the University of California and a diplomat of American Board of Plastic Surgery. His report on breast and facial surgery have gained much readership and also featured in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal. Dr. Mofid has also been a key figure in several medical conferences worldwide displaying his works. It is no doubt that he is instrumental in the history of cosmetic operation.

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