Stream Energy; Supporting Victims of Hurricane Harvey Through Social Corporate Responsibility

The destructive storm of Hurricane Harvey made an atrocious downfall in Texas in late 2017– rating it the 4th disastrous hurricane in the world since Florida’s Wilma in 2005. Kicking off as a destructive rainstorm in the Southern U.S., Hurricane Harvey left behind damage worth $125 billion according to the department of the hurricane and natural disasters. Although the effects of the cyclone had a negative impact on Houston and its occupants, the community has been supportive of the afflicted. Most fundamentally, businesses have come out in support of them; a reminder that Americans can always be counted on in great and devastating times.

Background Look

One such business that is supportive of the victims of Hurricane Harvey is Stream Energy. The company is a leading energy as well as a home services provider. Geographically located in Dallas, the company announced its intention to introduce a broad series of dynamic changes to help in building and healing the community. The proposed measures included a range of donations with $25,000 sent to the American Red Cross alongside the redemption of recent energy invoices linked to the late payment of energy services.

Supporting Independent Associates

Over and beyond that, Stream Energy reaffirmed its dedication to assisting its direct sales fraternity in the community. As such, the company has revamped its business model along the line of prompt service delivery to encourage investors to maintain their association with Stream Energy. Besides, Stream Energy has for decades relied on its independent associates, clients, employees, and referrals from already convinced consumers to generate revenue. Now that these people have in one way or the other been affected by Hurricane Harvey, the company is extending a helping hand for support.

Crowdfunding for Support

Still, in the same case of the storm, companies formed a crowdfunding campaign to help independent associates in the affected areas. Similarly, Stream Energy pledged $25,000 towards the cause. Besides, the company evaluated the events to the last moment of donations.


Stream Energy has dedicated its resources to empowering people for some time. This support is not only business oriented but also a community –based support with the sole intention of issuing aid to the less privileged in the society. Alongside its quick response to emergencies with Hurricane Harvey as a perfect example, the company is without a doubt cementing its name in the world’s record of some of the best philanthropic businesses.

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