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Police officers risk their lives every day for ordinary people. Unfortunately, they also put their lives at risk every time a prisoner dials a number on his or her cell phone. Robert Johnson was a victim of cell phone misuse recently. He is an ex-corrections officer who lived to tell the horrifying tale of violence. Nothing he had ever faced in his career so far prepared him for the attack he faced at his own home. He was attacked brutally by a gunman on returning to his house after duty one day. The gunshots were fired repeatedly at his chest and stomach at close range.



So does anyone deserve to die for doing a job properly? Definitely not! He was shot over and over, six times in all. His injuries were grave, and doctors did not give him much hope of survival. Yet, by God’s grace, Robert Johnson survived to tell the tale. He still bears residual pain due to the extensive trauma he faced that day.



The shooter was late arrested. His name was Sean Echols, an ex-inmate. Echols was contacted via cell phone from inside the jail facility where Johnson worked. The illegal cellular network made it easy for a person on the inside to issue a kill order to someone on the outside, with deadly consequences. Johnson has now made it his life’s mission to address this life-threatening problem of illegal cell usage by inmates. The life of a police officer is at perpetual risk, merely for executing his or her job, when any convict can order a killing at the touch of a button. And that’s the horrifying reality of life for a police officer. In the past, a baby was shot because his uncle was the target of a convict’s vendetta.



So how can the menace of illegal cell usage come to an end? Securus Technologies is a firm that works towards intercepting prisoner cell phone calls. It was initiated in 1986, and today they serve 2,600 correctional centers in about 45 locations all over the United States. They are located in Atlanta and can be contacted at Johnson is an employee of Securus Technologies. He provided a deposition to the Federal Communications Commission about the possible solutions to the growing illegal cell use issue within jails. At least, someone is looking into the problem, and that is the first step in saving the lives of future police officers.



Johnson trusts Securus to provide security solutions to the problem of contraband mobile phones in prisons. Securus Technologies is a rapidly growing undertaking concerning the technology needs of correctional facilities. The company acquired JPay Inc. to further enhance their foothold in technology based areas. For further information, visit



Jamming cell phone waves are one obvious solution to prevent cell phone use. However, Federal law does not allow complete interference with cell waves in prisons. Securus Technologies is now using an ingenious software called Wireless Containment System to selectively prevent certain cell phone waves. Through this technology, it appears as though a prisoner’s call is connecting to its intended recipient. However, in reality, the call is intercepted by the authorities in place, who select the calls that will be allowed. To date, almost 1.7 million inmate calls have been intercepted via this system. I guess Securus has provided a means for Johnson to pursue his goals of justice and safety for police officers. Securus has paved the way for technology to create a world where preservation of a person’s life counts.



Securus Technologies has attained accreditation from Better Business Bureau (BBB), validating its core values of transparency, privacy and responsiveness.


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