Ryan Seacrest’s Overall Schedule

In 2017, Ryan Seacrest moved to New York to become the TV host of a popular show know as Live. Besides hosting this morning show, Mr. Seacrest is a renowned producer of Keeping Up with the Kardashians as well as American Idol. That is not all since he also runs his skin care as well as fashion line. Jangling about these roles is not an easy task. Ryan Seacrest has, therefore, come up with a perfect plan for how his day rolls. His day typically starts at six in the morning. He takes a shower before taking matcha tea and coffee. He says that Matcha tea helps to tone up his body.

Before getting to work, Ryan 43 ensures that he goes through the overnight news. He thereafter takes a seven-minute drive to work. On the way, he gets the opportunity to read the newspaper. Given his intense schedule at work, Ryan Seacrest, also a radio show host, naturally takes a workout break at noon. At one time, he and his co-host, Kelly had their show in the Bahamas. To keep his routine training, he had a trainer on board. While in his 20s and 30s, Ryan Seacrest felt guilty for working midday since people consider it a business hour. As time went by, he realized that the training helps him ease up his day.

With so much to handle in a day, Ryan has learned that not every question needs to be dealt with immediately. He learned to put the issues in a queue. He tends to take phone calls in the afternoon. Experience has also made Ryan Seacrest learn that to become a successful person, one needs to learn to tell people ‘yes’, and ‘got it.’ These two replies are his typical replies to emails. Ryan Seacrest is a vegan. He says that he enjoys a two-hour meal with his family on Friday and Saturday. Ryan says that he works so that he can enjoy life. He perceives eating well and drinking wine as a good life. One thing that Ryan Seacrest struggles with is putting his phone away. While on a trip, he has to put the phone away in a safe. See Ryan’s workout routine here.

Help Ryan with his foundation here: http://ryanseacrestfoundation.org/

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