Ryan Seacrest: The Man Behind the Empire

Ryan Seacrest is a man of diverse entrepreneurial ventures. He has become a successful staple in Hollywood on so many positive levels. Ryan Seacrest is a native of Atlanta Georgia, raised in a middle-class family where his father made a living as a real estate attorney and his mother was a homemaker. Even as a young adult, Ryan Seacrest had an active and creative imagination.

While in high school, Mr. Seacrest showcased his vibrant personality by sharing the best of himself with his teenage audience. He created fun, interactive morning announcements over the school’s intercom system. Mr. Seacrest won a radio contest that would be one of the catalysts that shaped his career. The astute young Mr. Seacrest also was privileged with the experienced teachings of then mentor, Tom Sullivan of WSTR (FM) in Atlanta. He went on to work for the station after school, even beyond graduation in 1992.

Mr. Seacrest spent a short stint at the University of Georgia, then decided to move to California to further his radio career. In 1993 he hosted multiple television shows. By 2002, he became a part of newcomer show American Idol. His ability to lead the audience and his compassion and empathy brought him great notoriety. The brilliant host later enhanced his skills by accepting several radio positions in Los Angeles including one with KIIS (FM).

He desired to create a network to help kids with their creative dreams. After short deliberations, he and his family came up with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF). This is a space where young adults will have an opportunity to explore creativity in the broadcast media environment. Mr. Seacrest aimed to involve children that would not necessarily have an avenue to partake in such an experience. He partnered with hospital networks in order to get young patients involved and inspired.

The foundation is unique in the fact that it offers a full broadcasting center, known as Seacrest Studios. The initiative brightens the days of their patients as well as their staff. In most cases, it serves as a form of positive medication. Ryan Seacrest continuously strives to offer leadership and mentorship to young individuals. He understands how important it is in forging one’s livelihood. To know the latest about Ryan, follow him on Facebook: @ryanseacrest.

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