Rocketship Education Fights For Disadvantaged Communities.

Since its founding in 2006, Rocketship education has been dedicated to providing quality education for lower-income communities. Rocketship education’s mission is to level the playing field for students born into poverty. They advocate for full engagement with parents, actively seek to get communities involved, and use a teacher-led personalized learning that focuses on students as individuals. At Rocketship curriculum content is created specifically for each student, personalized to adhere to their educational needs. For this purpose, Rocketship education uses the NWEA measures of academic process assessment system.

MAP is a revolutionary assessment system that is slowly taking over the educational field. It is an achievement based system focusing on individual student progress. MAP is all about discerning student’s educational growth over a period of time. In this way it tracks the progress of a certain student by focusing on their achievement. It also does not focus on any starting point, so that students from disadvantaged communitis, who may have started school late, are not affected. Many other assessment systems use efficiency scores which compare student achievement to their current grade level. If a student falls under the acceptable percentile they have no chance of catching up. MAP can pinpoint the growth areas needed for individual students so that content can be designed to help them catch up. Rocketship is dedicated in keeping its rocketeers on par with their grade levels, allowing no student to fall behind.

Rocketship education’s personalized lesson plans allow teacher’s to focus on student weaknesses, and play to student strengths. Every student under their tutelage has the opportunity to catch up and stay there. This allows students in lower-income communities the advantage of focused education that provides a bright future. As many students who fall in lower percentiles often drop out of school, and avoid college, Rocketship gives student the opportunity to take their education all the way. It eliminates any hindrance poverty plays in their education, allowing them the same advantages as students across the board.

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