Real Real Beauty Brands Added to Luxury Consignment Store

Luxury consignment shoes, handbags, clothes and newly launched beauty products? The Real Real luxury consignment site based out of Soho Manhattan and pop up stores that feature throughout Vegas, seems to have everything a person needs to get fashionably dressed from head to toe with adding its new brands of beauty products to its consignment stores. Being one of the latest retailers to probe into the beauty market, the e-commerce site recently added beauty products to their full assortment of goods and began selling them as a test from their brick and mortar Soho locations this past holiday season.

Chief merchant Rati Levesque stated a small selection of their beauty products were being tested at both their store and online locations in an attempt to complete the customers shopping journey. Wanting to give consumers everything they needed while shopping is the sites ultimate goal. The Real Real wants to be viewed as a trusted business that sell luxury products that are affordable for consumers and of quality whether it be clothing, shoes, beauty products or whatever the consumer may be looking to purchase within the fashion genre. Maintaining its sustainable luxury position the Real Real’s beauty products go hand in hand with its current business motto featuring clean beauty brands. Some of these luxury brands include Babo, Pai Skincare, Ellis Brooklyn, Uma Oils, Cap Beauty and quite a few more. The products are sold directly to The Real Real and not via any third-party distributors.

Although still in the early stages, the Real Real looks to advance more deeply in its beauty category within the up and coming months. Following the trends to catch the attention to the internet born millennial’s industry experts agree that adding beauty products is a way for retailers to attract more customers to physical store locations. Adding beauty products to the Real Real’s current line of products would authenticate the brands positioning within the fashion and beauty industry pushing sales at their locations.

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