Political Fundraising Tips From NGP VAN

NGP VAN come about as the result of merger in 2010 between the groups NGP Software and the Voter Activation Network. The goal of this organization is to provide database services to candidates and organizations with progressive political ideas. The clients of NGP VAN have included the campaigns of President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Saunders. Most Democratic Party candidates make use of the surfaces of NGP VAN. Progressive parties overseas such as the Liberal Democratic Party in the UK are also NGP VAN clients.


NGP VAN helps candidates with fundraising, and the organization has provided some important fundraising tips that all candidates need to be aware of. In this day and age, a candidate must have a strong fundraising network if he or she has any hope of winning a political office.


One of the first steps the NGP VAN recommends is the formation of a fundraising committee. The individuals who make up this committee should be people with experience in the field of fundraising or those who understand campaign finance rules and regulations.


The next step is determining what groups to focus the campaign’s fundraising efforts on. It’s important to include those who have a relationship with the candidate, but it is also vital to fundraising from those who share the same ideological beliefs as the candidate. NGP VAN also recommends fundraising from those who are considered to be in the Power Circle. These are people with high-stakes economic interests who have a lot of money to donate. These individuals are usually looking for candidates to support who will protect their interests.


The actual fundraising itself has several different aspects. Calling potential donors is vital. A candidate should expect to spend 50 percent of the time in calling on potential donors. Volunteers and members of the finance committee should provide the candidate with information on each donor so that the candidate can make the most of each phone encounter.

Fundraising events are also extremely important. These events take a great deal of planning. A monetary goal for the event needs to be set and an appropriate venue must be selected. One of the best ways to get people to come to a fundraising event is to find a prominent person, entertainer or celebrity to be on hand at the event.


In this day of social media, online fundraising is of great importance. Each candidate needs a significant social media presence to keep in touch with supporters and to solicit campaign funds.


Although it’s not as important as it was in years past, direct mail is still a good means of fundraising. Many people still can be reached by a well thought out mailing that presents the candidate in a positive way.


Finally, it is important to continuously follow up with those who have already contributed. If someone has donated in the past, it is highly likely that he will be willing to donate to the candidate again.






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