Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Thinks Ahead and Succeeds

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. was established in 1991 and is the leader in wholesale document processing and verification. Eight out of ten of the top retail mortgage and title companies are counting on Nationwide as their primary source for documents they need to close on properties.


Nationwide has also received recognition in five of the past six years as one of the top 100 best employers to work for as highlighted in the Tampa Bay Times. People who go to work for Nationwide like it there, and they stay. The pay and the benefits are good, but they are challenged and rewarded for their dedication and hard work.


Employees are carefully screened to find people who will thrive at the positions that are available. When hired they are put through a rigorous regimen of training for three weeks, and then they go to work. They are monitored by a supervisor while on the job until they master the position.


In addition to basic training, employees have an additional 150 educational modules that they can access for general knowledge purposes and use in their advancement within the company.

The employees and their training is the main advantage Nationwide has over its competitors. In the mortgage business speed and accuracy are everything. Picture the scene when you bought your last house. Everything has been done except the closing, and when you arrive at the title company, there are all of these papers, which have to be signed. Where did they get these papers? From a company like Nationwide.


The documents that verify ownership, title, taxes paid and other legal documents have to be at the closing office at least several days before the closing, or the transaction will not be able to go through, and they all have to be accurate.


Nationwide has a .78% failure rate when they go to search for documents and a 99.89% compliance rate when they must find the right document and have it verified. Nationwide has the best technology in the business and they have access to over 3,600 counties and jurisdictions where the documents are stored.


John Hillman, CEO has said that the mortgage business is a high-pressure business, but Nationwide teaches it employees how to handle the stress. Everyone works together, and they have each other’s back, making a strategy out of a potential problem, and it works.


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  1. There are supervisory and administration positions accessible, and these modules are key for individuals to progress. These rates are noteworthy considering the volume that Nationwide handles. I understand that this writing companies has done their part in the decision making too.

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