Mikhail Blagosklonny’s Cancer and Anti-aging Research Gains Attention

Mikhail Blagosklonny is most noted as a scientific researcher in the field of oncology, as well as anti-aging. His extensive work has advanced the treatment of various forms of cancer that has helped millions of people survive the destructive disease. Blagosklonny currently works as a professor of oncology at Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

He received his M.D. in internal medicine and a PhD in experimental medicine and cardiology. The degrees were earned at First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg. His love of science enabled his great success in his preferred field of work. Upon completing his tenure at school, he joined New York Medical College as an associate professor.

Mikhail Blagosklonny has published approximately 270 reviews for numerous scientific journals through the years. With these reviews, he has more than 25,000 citations. These publications are simply another tool to measure his dedication to his research. He is incredibly successful in all of his professional ventures. Visit ResearchGate to keep up to date with Mikhail’s latest work.

Blagosklonny believes that saving patients from rigorous cancer treatments, such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy, should be a top priority. Cancer patients suffer the loss of immunity to other illnesses, loss of hair and the inability to properly function for days after they receive treatments. Taking those two types of therapy off the table and replacing it with gentler treatments is of utmost importance to Blagosklonny.

The idea that anti-aging research is directly linked to aiding cancer patients is shared between Blagosklonny and the staff of the Roswell institute. His research in anti-aging will slow down the aging process along with the cancer benefits. That is something the entire world can support, and should be taken quite seriously.

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Blagosklonny is so convinced that the drug, rapamycin, is safe that he took it himself to prove it. He claims that it is safer to take that than to take aspirin. Rapamycin is an anti-aging product that many claim is successful. It is also the drug that Blagosklonny believes will help the reproduction of healthy cells in cancer patients. According to him, the danger is in not ingesting the medication when factoring in bad habits such as smoking and unhealthy diets. Follow Mikhail on Google Scholar

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