Meet the Person behind the Habanero Shaker Success: Joel Friant

Joel Friant is the founder of the Original Habanero Shaker. Friant began his company to help other people awaken their taste buds. He says he tasted his first habanero in high school through a friend. Later, he visited Jamaica where he got a chance to taste different varieties of habanero which cemented his love for the habanero. He realized that there were no original habanero shakers in the market. The shakers in the market were either mixed with cheap chilly spices or salt. This prompted him to begin his Original Habanero Shaker.


The Original Habanero Shaker sold by Joel Friant is harvested freshly from the firms, grounded and packed raw in a classic way. It is one of the most notorious chilies in the world. Being pure, it easy to measure the amount needed in recipes. The product is highly rated online and has very positive reviews. It is considered healthy as well and can be used in any recipe. The Habanero Shaker can be accessed by any interested persons all over the world at a pocket-friendly rate on Amazon.


Joel Friant is a man of many talents. Besides being the founder of the hottest chilies in the market, he is also passionate about real estate, motivational speaking, and he’s a proficient writer as well.


He ventured into the mortgage business in 2013 to help his friends in securing homes and other individuals. He was so successful as a salesperson that he decided to begin his mortgage company.


In 2007, there was a financial crisis that significantly affected the businesses. The effects of the recession were felt in all the sectors of the economy including the real estate department. Some businesses closed down while others survived gracefully. Joel Friant was curious to find out why some people were successful in their ventures while others failed. The result of his research was the “The Income Thermostat” that is inspired by the work of Maxwell Maltz and Wallace Wattles.


Joel Friant says that he feels guilty for the excuses he constantly made as to why he wasn’t achieving his goals in the past. However, he has finally overcome this and lives positively something he encourages young investors to do.

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