Meet Eli Gershkovitch; the CEO of Steamworks Brewery and Companies

Mass-market domestic beers have dominated the brewing industry for a long time. But craft beers are penetrating the market very fast. Many young people across the world like craft beers and this has been a great opportunity for craft breweries to create perfect brands to meet the increasing demand for craft beers. Drinkers lately like diverse flavors which come with craft beers. This has resulted in significant beer companies like Miller Brewing Company make fewer profits while craft breweries are enjoying huge profits.



During the 2017 U.S. Open Beer Championship, Canadian breweries impressed judges and won over 23 medals. Steamworks is one of the companies that presented their top selling craft beers which impressed judges. Steamworks was founded in 1995 by Eli Gershkovitch; a great innovator, brew master who wants to take Canadian beers to another level (LinkedIn). Eli Gershkorvitch is highly educated, and he is a pilot and a lawyer by profession. He is a great entrepreneur who believes a business has to grow to meet demand.



Eli Gershkovitch is simple and casual with a desire to control his life which prompted him to start his crafting brewery. He has always been focused on making his business better through innovation. He travels all over Europe researching how best his brewing company can be. He gathers knowledge from existing breweries from different parts of the world. He has always been smart to remain competitive in the business by developing customer-oriented beers with perfect flavors.



Eli Gershkovitch started Steamworks as a pub in Gastown. With his mission of making the pub a big brewing empire, he expanded the bar slowly over time from 184 to 754 seats. This pub attracts many tourists, but the local people are the majority visitors who come to enjoy different craft beers. Eli established several outlets where Steamworks beverages were sold. Transcontinental restaurant was one of the local businesses he created but later changed to Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar.


Eli Gershkovitch ensures each brew is correctly done no matter the time it takes. A good example is Flagship IPA which took four years to be launched. On top of brewing high-quality craft beers, Eli ensures that prices are affordable to many to maximize the companies output.


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