Matt Badiali Has Established Freedom Checks As A Legitimate And Profitable Investment

The name Matt Badiali has recently become synonymous with freedom checks. Many people are still unsure if these checks represent a good investment or are just another scam. The investment has been thoroughly analyzed and is completely legitimate. The actual name is no more than creative marketing but the investment is real. This is due to a relatively unknown statute enacted by Congress in 1987. There are requirements associated with this statute and only 568 companies can issues freedom checks legally. If these companies satisfy two requirements they are able to operate tax free. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

Ninety percent of the revenue from these companies must be generated through the storage, transportation, processing and production of United States based gas and oil. Freedom checks must also be issued to all shareholders every single year. The reasons so many reviews have claimed these checks are a scam are because they do not understand the process of the investment. This is why they simply dismiss the opportunity. Matt Badiali has never claimed this is a government program or a retirement account. In actuality, these checks are often three to four times more than a Social Security check. One of the best aspect of the program is there are no limits on income or age.

This investment can be made right through a brokerage account. The investment is actually a MPL or a master limited partnership. Matt Badiali was traveling internationally when he first discovered the exclusive group of companies able to issue freedom checks. These companies conduct explorations for new gas and oil wells. They then use large pipeline networks for the transportation of the oil and gas. These products are acquired from numerous United States oil and gas fields. The MLP payments are made monthly or quarterly. These are referred to as distributions. There are a lot of similarities to standard stock dividends.

These payments are classified as a return of capital and not income. This means there is no income tax paid by the investors. A special account is not necessary for this investment. The payment can be direct deposited into the investors brokerage account or sent through the mail in the form of a freedom check. The payout is two to three times higher than that of a traditional, conservative investment. The process of MLP trading can be established for as little as ten dollars. This makes the opportunity possible for all investors. Read:



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