Magnises Continues Growth by Attracting New Members

Major banks and credit card providers have been attracting new users by offering lucrative bonuses for years. These bonuses have typically included cashback, travel rewards, and other luxury status perks. While these types of credit cards have been very popular with consumers, a new credit card program is focusing on a different type of clientele by offering a unique set of amenities.

The newest and growing credit card program, Magnises, is a unique credit card program focused on marketing towards young professionals. Instead of offering cash back and other similar rewards, the new credit card program attracts users by offering access to various social and professional networks. These social and professional network benefits include both online and off-line organizations and receiving access to exclusive events.

Members are able to gain access to the front of the line at the top nightclubs in New York, Washington DC, and San Francisco. Members are also able to take advantage of getting tickets to exclusive events including professional and meet your college sports, concerts, and a variety of other cultural events. Even if the event is not being specifically marketed, members can use the company’s concierge service to find tickets to other events.

The credit card program offers a variety of networking events and conferences that are designed for members to meet each other and other industry leaders.

The new credit card program was developed just a few years ago by Billy McFarland. He developed the idea and began its growth while he was still a senior in college. In less than five years, the company has already grown to have more than 10,000 users in the Northeast United States. The company has significant room for growth as it expands into more major cities across the country.

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