Living a Better Life Through Kabbalah

Everyone is looking for direction in life. Many religious studies give information, but they do not help students apply that information in everyday life. The Kabbalah Centre In Los Angeles has been in the news for the last ten years as many celebrities have turned to Kabbalah instruction to help navigate life’s challenges. Kabbalah also helps people understand where they came from, how life “works” and what our place is in the world around us.

Before Madonna announced that she was studying Kabbalah and adopting the Jewish name “Esther”, stars have studied at the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles. Two famous icons, Sammy Davis Jr. and Elizabeth Taylor, converted to Judaism later in life. Even Marilyn Monroe studied Kabbalah, although she did not abandon her Christian faith, according to A few celebrities have made headlines saying that they are committed to studying Kabbalah when in fact, they were not. Britney Spears was sporting a red string bracelet and then later claimed to be a Buddhist. She is the exception to the rule. When 72 Names of God: Technology for the Soul by Yehuda Berg became a bestseller, many people who had little or no knowledge of Kabbalah (or God for that matter) became intrigued. The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles has attracted many students who want to gain wisdom and learn how to apply Kabbalah principles in everyday life.

Instructors Michael Berg and Eitan Yardeni have broken down the tenants of Jewish Mysticism, so that anyone, now matter what their faith, can greatly benefit from study at the Kabbalah Centre or take courses from The Kabbalah Centre online. There are special events, classes and a bookstore on site at the Kabbalah Centre located in Losa Angles. Plue, their website, has a handy menu to find a Kabbalah Centre near you. Students can also purchase books and enroll in online classes.

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