Krishen Iyer Interview!

Krishen Iyer is the owner of health and dental insurance consultancy company called Managed Benefits Services. The firm is based in Southern California, and it specializes in the creation and management of insurance leads as well as consultancy work. Mr. Iyer attended the San Diego State University. His entrepreneurial knowhow is one of his most notable attributes. He has mainly been successful in business primarily due to his experience in this field. He is also an expert in digital marketing as well as client relations.


Mr. Krishen Iyer loves reading books and traveling to various places. He is also committed to helping in improving the lives of people in his home area. He spends his free time doing charity work. His vision is to see the locals’ lead better lives every new day. Mr. Krishen has also invested in real estate. He regularly gives a portion of his earnings to philanthropic institutions.


In a recent interview, Mr. Iyer gave insight on his approach to life and how he spends his time. Mr. Krishen says that he likes reading books and specifically those that touched on space travel. Krishen Iyer also added that financial books are some of his favorite reads as the help him to continually improve in the management of his businesses. Additionally, Mr. Iyer is fascinated by the writings of renowned businessmen such as Warren Buffet.


In the interview, Krishen Iyer took the time to explain the recent developments at Managed Benefits Services. He said that the firm had invested a lot of finances as well as time in the new multilayer platform that is set to improve service delivery to their clients. Mr. Iyer further explained that the company is in a phase whereby they are set to grow the projected heights. He said that the newly developed platform would be key to realizing this vision.


Mr. Iyer further said that he enjoys being an entrepreneur and it is one of the best decisions that he’s made in his life.

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