Jim Larkin and His Spirited Fight for Workers Rights

Jim Larkin was one dedicated gentleman who had great passion for the fight of employee’s rights, where he made tremendous progress. In his great career life, he was able to form the General Workers Union as well as the Irish Transport Union.

These were outfits by which he was able to communicate with the authority on the violation of the employees’ rights, whereas he was successful at it. This is a fight that he took seriously, in fact it is right to say that this job was a calling for him. Especially if one is to look at the passion by which he executed his duties of fighting for employee’s rights.

This historic figure was born in Liverpool, England in the year 1876, where he would spend his early life developing a great passion for his future career. It is worth noting that notwithstanding the successes that Jim Larkin was able to garner, he actually did not have a formal education.

This is due to the fact that his family was poor, living in the slums of Liverpool where they could not afford the luxury of formal education. He was not a lazy person though, and worked hard on odd jobs to be able to supplement what his family income was.

Jim Larkin was later promoted to becoming a great foreman at Liverpool docks, here he was able to understand how workers were to be treated fairly. However, he believed that workers were not being treated accordingly and this advised his reason for joining the National Union of Dock Laborer’s.

He went ahead to become a trade union organizer who was working on a full-time basis. This is where he cemented his skills of fighting for the rights of workers.

While at NUDL, James Larkin would organize strikes that had a militant style, thereby scaring officials and prompting his transfer to Dublin in the year1907. It was in Dublin that James Larkin founded the General Workers Union as well as the Irish Transport Union.

This organizations goal was to be able to address the issues of all Irish industrial employees, either skilled or unskilled. These organizations would go down the annals of history as having advocated for the rights of employees, whereas the best interests of employees were always put into consideration.

It was later that James Larkin formed the Irish Labour Party, which was reputable for the series of strikes that it facilitated. Of all these strikes, one stood out.

This was the 1913 Dublin Lockout, where many employees to the tune of 100,000 were involved in the strike that lasted for a period in the neighborhood of eight months. This eventually led to the employees winning the right to a fair work environment.

This ultimately puts James Larkin on a pedestal that is celebrated for his achievements, especially to every worker who continues to benefit from his struggles. It is certain that most people can borrow a leaf from this gentleman who has made a lot of difference to many.

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