Jim Hunt’s Financial Workout Advice

VTA Publications is a non-fiction publisher that attempts to share financial and economic news and advice from the fields’ experts with the everyday man. With unique approaches to publishing from digital to physical publication one of their latest products is the YouTube series called, “Make Mum a Millionaire”. In this series the CEO of VITA Publications, Jim Hunt, takes a thousand dollars and transforms it into a million dollars.


His daily routine involves working out early in the morning to get the creative juices flowing, followed by a light lunch. Finally he puts first ahead of everything dinner with the family. He believes that to be good at his job as a financial and economic guru, is to practice sound psychology by listening to the customer and uncovering their needs.


He doesn’t regret working there, as to paraphrase his words, mistakes make character, and he is proud of the character he has become.  Be sure to follow Jim and his journey through VTA on Twitter or his official website.

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  1. From his time working at a bank he realized that one of the worst feelings to have is to misuse the customers trust. Documenting every major step in the process is not an easy thing to do but Jim Hunt has never taken the easy path. I have a feeling that bestdissertationfromemily.blogspot.com could have these things possible so all and sundry would benefit from them all the time.

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