Jed McCaleb is the founder of the Mt.Gox exchange, as well as upcoming and promising stellar project. He talked about global payments and stock market being the industries that would be distracted by block chain technologies and distributed solutions. This is due to his knowledge and experience in crypto assets.

The Gox exchange that was run my Jed McCaleb, was later sold to the enterprise in 2011. Mark Kaepelles, the, the new owner conducted that hacking and that occurred, leading to its crash in 2013. This crash led to bit coins downfall from above $1000 o nearly $100.

McCaleb currently serves as the chief technology officer and is also the co-founder of stellar, which he started in 2014 along side with Joyce Kim. The Stellar project tope 10 crypto assets, which is one of the most highly raked platforms that conducts the creation of new tokens. Jed says that His main reason for staring this project was because he aimed at recognizing that brokenness of the world’s financial infrastructure.

The project aims at solving the problems of scaling block chains, by settling transactions faster, and offering a second layer of complexity, which allows customers to trade financial assets and stocks. The Stellar project is able to handle international transactions due to its ability to tokenize assets and safely moving them over a cryptographically secured network. Stellar is operating a decentralized exchange that deals with carrying coins and tokens, known as stellar DEX.

The Stellar project has also been improved by being implemented with “stellar consensus protocol”. The latest developments ensure that stellar is not operated internally, because it is a community run network.

Jed McCaleb also works as an advisor in the machine research institute, a nonprofit organization which works on both ethical and technological intelligence, and it’s also accepts crypto coins for funding. Jed spends most of his time doing research on potential intelligence making him well informed and a great source of assistance to research companies in this field.

In this article, Jed predicts how the blockchain could change banking. Jed attributes his success to the all-time incoming obstacles which he has been able to conquer, he appreciates the importance of risk analysis that one faces, when starting business venture.

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