Jed McCaleb: 4 Prong Self Management

Jed McCaleb, also known as Cryptocurrency Jedi, is CoFounder and Chief Technology Officer of Stellar Development Foundation and of He is the renowned innovative digital developer who designed eDonkey2000, the first peer to peer platform able to permit multisourced downloading and sharing. This eased collaboration. He is also the developer of Mt. Gox, the first platform permitting the exchange of ‘data dollars,’ namely BitCoin. He resides in San Francisco, California.

Jed McCaleb likes to critically examine technology and develop advances that improve the human condition. He recognized that traditional, financial infrastructure has become dysfunctional and exclusive even on the global scale. World Bank reports that over half of the world’s adult population may be characterized as void of access to monetary exchange. Therefore, he joined forces with Joyce Kim to develop Stellar.

Jed McCaleb’s work philosophy incorporates a four branch approach, planned focus, bilateral focus, broad focus and continual focus. Planned Focus encourages relevant production, anything else isn’t production at all but, rather, some camouflage of escapism. Similarly, he explains how it is best to construct a product that addresses an existing problem rather than offer some inferior or nonessential contraption with the intent to market it like crazy to achieve sales goals. Instead, seek to offer a bonafide solution to a real concern and your targeted market will already exist. Then sharing the knowledge and application will flow organic and lucratively in a manner that doesn’t promote waste or depend on another’s docility. Bilateral Focus garners efficiency. Jed explains that he uses two work modes, active and reactive. By the former he suggests developing new products or enhancements, and active thinking. By the latter he sets aside time specifically aimed at responding to others’ requests, emails, customers’ concerns and the like. Broad Focus serves as a reminder that only slightly more exertion is required to develop and manage, let’s say, a global general versus a local niche business, and the rewards are astronomically greater. Finally, the branch of Continual Focus simply yet effectively promotes endurance beyond failures. This is more than persistence. Jed clarifies the difference. It’s not a blind muddling through hoping for a near break. On the contrary, we must critique our fumbles and address any gaps that engender them.

Jed McCaleb appreciates the contributions of others as much as he enjoys helping to improve daily living of his fellow mankind. He suggests using GoogleDocs and StackOverflow, and reading Black Swan, and Thinking Fast and Slow.

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