Jason Hope reviews historic consumer improvements, looks to future

Jason Hope has become one of Arizona’s most famous tech entrepreneurs. Founding Jawa, one of the first premium mobile content providers, at a time when many people still didn’t even own a cell phone, Hope has a proven track record of being the first on the scene of new trends in technology.

He used his visionary acumen to found many other successful startups and to contribute numerous insights to the public understanding of the implications that technology has for people’s everyday lives.

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Have all the big improvements already taken place?

Mr. Jason Hope finds it interesting to examine how the Sci-Fi genre over the years has either accurately or inaccurately predicted the state of the future, depending on when the work was created. For example, Jules Verne novels of the 1860s turned out to be strikingly accurate predictions of technology that would take place within the following hundred years. In Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, the protagonist, Captain Nemo, helmed a ship that bore all of the telltale traits of the nuclear submarine that 90 years later would bear the same name, the USS Nautilus.

However, compare the science fiction of the ’50s with what has actually taken shape since. Many of the standard ideas of shows like the Jetsons, which purportedly took place in the late 20th or early 21st century, never materialized. Inventions like flying cars, time travel, robotic servants and food prepared automatically from scratch have never come to life or have, only in the most limited applications.

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