Jason Hope Donates Towards an Anti-Aging Campaign

Jason Hope is a serial entrepreneur with interest in the anti-aging research world. Mr. Hope believes doctors can leverage front-line techniques to combat diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and dementia. As a philanthropist, Jason Hope donated $500,000 towards an initiative of Negligible Senescence Research, which aims to examine various techniques used to combat aging-related illnesses. Through this initiative, Mr. Hope seeks to expand the availability of technologies and devices used for repairing damaged cells and reduce the effects of aging. Mr. Hope also explores links that connect cells, strategies that may decrease the by-product of cells, and compounds that mitigate oxidation. The foundation said that it would use the money that Mr. Hope donated to accomplish numerous of its initiatives. The friendship of Mr. Hope and the founder of Negligible Senescence Foundation is based on mutual interests, and they always discuss approaches that can shrink oxidation-induced stress, reduce the atherosclerosis effects, create compounds that revitalize aging cells, and improve the health of mitochondria. Read more about Jason Hope at Wings Journal.

Jason Hope has recently shared his insights regarding the trends in the internet of things and the way it is changing the way people connect with each other. Mr. Hope is passionate about technology and uses his website to reach out to young entrepreneurs and provide them with financial aid. In fact, he recently released an e-book that discusses trends in the internet of things and the way it will transform the lives of households in the developed nations.

A native of Scottsdale, Arizona, Mr. Hope is an accomplished investor, philanthropist, and futurist. He went to the Arizona State University where his relentless efforts earned him a degree in Finance. Mr. Hope became zealous about technology and giving back to society while studying his MBA at W.P. Carey School of Business. One habit that makes Jason Hope successful is envisioning long-term meaning to all his business ideas. In fact, he has faith in every philanthropic and entrepreneurial project that he launches, and this is what has kept him marching forward. Jason Hope advises aspiring entrepreneurs not to get obsessed with small details; instead, their focus should be on the greater picture.

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