Imran Haque; Transforming North Carolina Residents’ Healthcare

Imran Haque is a renowned internist practicing in Asheboro, North Carolina, at Horizon Internal Medicine. Having practiced medicine for more than 19 years, Mr. Haque can treat a wide array of illness and medical examinations. During a recent interview with Ideamensch, Dr. Imran Haque shed light on his day to day experiences as well as the key to succeeding as an Internist.

Imran elucidates during the interview that the idea to be an internal medicine physician was hatched at the time when he was still a young aspiring doctor working at an Internal Medicine Hospital. During that time, Imran got an idea to expand the horizons of his people through the provision of medical services that were unavailable locally at the time.

Mr. Haque brings his idea to life by conducting thorough research, hard work, and by having the necessary financial means. He goes on further to add that proper organization, patience, networking, and having symbiotic relations with other experts are all great ways to ensure success.

According to Imran, the integration of modern technology in Health Care is one trend that fascinates him as it has resulted in simplified data entry, enhanced coordinated care, and advanced all parts of patient care. Imran expresses that multitasking is one trait that has made him a productive entrepreneur and he advises other upcoming innovators not to trust blindly but to be wary of other people’s motives.

About Imran

Dr. Haque is a well-trained and caring physician with the relevant medical qualifications. He holds an M.D from the University of Virginia and a medical Degree from Universidad Iberoamerican (UNIBE) in Santo Domingo. In his clinic based in Asheboro, he offers several services such as laser hair removal, physical examinations, Venus Body contouring diabetes management, weight management services, and 360 resurfacing.

Additionally, Dr. Imran is affiliated with numerous hospitals where he can recommend his patients if need be and he also collaborates with other internists. These clinics include High Point Regional Hospital, Randolph Hospital, First Health Montgomery Memorial Hospital, and Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital among many others. For more information or appointment bookings, one can call the doctor on (336) 610-1300.

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