Hussain Sajwani: The Richest Billionaire in the Middle East

Hussain Sajwani is the wealthiest billionaire and most successful businessman in UAE. He founded the global property development company called DAMAC properties. He graduated from the Washington University and began his career as a contract manager at GASCO. GASCO is a subsidiary company of the Abu Dhabi oil company in Dubai. His humble beginning from a military catering business service owner to probably one of the world’s successful business proves his affinity for quality and excellence. In 2001 he acquired property in Dubai after shifting his career to real estate. In this business, he was able to sell units in real estate within just a few months which strengthened his business position.

Hussain Sajwani pioneered the property market expansion industry in Dubai and 2002 he identified a market gap for Property Investment. He founded DAMAC property which has grown to be one of the largest Middle East Company. The company’s share capital in the Dubai Financial Market has shot upwards within the last decade, therefore, skyrocketing Hussain’s net worth within a very short duration.

DAMAC property partnered with the Trump organization to set up two branded golf courses in Dubai. The billionaire has gone on to strengthen his relationship with Trump which also has influenced the position of the company in both Dubai and the world. Hussain considers himself the Middle Western Trump business partner.

The DAMAC property company continues to grow in both statues and financial stability. DAMAC is a real estate company and was featured in its home exchange market as a very influential company. It was the first company in the Middle East to be listed in the London stock exchange market. DAMAC raised an initial public offer of US$379 Million through a global deposit receipt. This property company began trading in 2015 following an offer to exchange its global deposit receipt for ordinary shares.

Hussain has a joint initiative with DAMAC in philanthropy to support the development of learning and creative solutions in Dubai. This has brought about the foundation of a sponsorship meant to fund one million Arab coders as well as offer free programming training.

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