Glen Wakeman Helping to Breathing Life Into Young Entrepreneurs Ideas

Once a bright-eyed new beginner entrepreneur himself, Glen Wakeman knows what it is to be a highly motivated new entrepreneur. Now a veteran in the business world he dedicates himself to helping those bright-eyed entrepreneurs find their way. He does this through his website, which he developed in 2015. Launch Pad Holdings LLC has guided so many who had the zeal to become on their way as successful entrepreneurs ( Glen Wakeman discovered there was a problem with new entrepreneurs failing within their business. He didn’t understand why when so many of those failed business had really good ideas.

So instead of sitting around doing nothing, he decided to help those people. He helps them by guiding them on how to build a structure around their ideas. He introduces the five-step performance methodology, a proven method to help get ideas and business running successfully. He knows all too well that not only do you have to plan, but you have to build on that plan, and being that he maintained successful career positions at GE Capital, and his various roles between CEO and President in a founded business of his, the Nova Four, its fair to say this is man who knows his stuff when it comes to building businesses.

The way he helps new entrepreneurs with their ideas is that he acts as if this is a business of his own, so he can get a real good feel on what it will take to get that business up and running as if he was the founder of it himself. Being that he is a traveling entrepreneur he knows how to run a business not only from his surrounding geographic point of view but collective ways from all around the County. Glen Wakeman will not only help you build a successful business plan he will breathe life into them as if they came from his own thoughts.

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