George Soros Throws a Financial Lifeline to the Social Conscious

George Soros is a longtime, conservative-feared financial backer of politically progressive causes and campaigns. He has a prestigious record of serious financial donations to the Democratic Party and has been financially interested in solving civil and human rights issues. While Soros may have taken a brief seat on the bench after his massive contributions to defeat George W. Bush in 2004, he has made his return to the liberal political arena remarkably apparent by his generous contribution to various causes, ranging from candidate support to protest fund provisions.

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A significant reason for George Soros’ triumphant and generous return, as sited by Politico, is his opposition to current President Donald Trump. He has accused Trump’s “doing the work of ISIS” by creating and cultivating fear among the American public. According to the Federal Election Commission, Soros contributed more than $25 million to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, along with other Democratic campaigns and causes.

While his official political contributions are certainly notable, even more impressive is Soros’ commitment to grassroots organizations and his funding of community organized activism. The most prominent example of which would be his $33 million funding of previously established groups in Ferguson to bring about awareness and change in areas of equality and civil rights. These protests and demonstrations follow the murder of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson. According to, the director of Soros’ Open Society Foundations, Kenneth Zimmerman, commented on the contributions by saying, ” “Helping groups combine policy, research [and] data collection with community organizing feels very much the way our society becomes more accountable.” Soros’ contributions were made in the hopes of spurring civil action that will bring about change using already active organizations and groups.

These are troubling and contentious times we are in. Political and social inequality seems like a well-funded money monster that’s indestructible. Thankfully, not every person of wealth is committed to the idea of exploiting community pain and stealing from the poor to pad the pockets of the super rich. George Soros is a lighthouse of philanthropy in the sea of financial greed and resource hoarding. His generosity helps us oppose inequality both in the ballot boxes and on the streets. Keep it up, George. We need you no more than ever. Read more at The New York Times about George.

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