Daniel Taub ambassadorship and Diplomatic work

Daniel Taub has been the director of strategy and planning of the Yad Hanadiv Foundation and an international lawyer. He is a known ambassador in London who was born in Great Britain. He has been to three universities before moving to Israel where he worked in different ministries.

He started by working with the Defense Forces in Israel where he worked as both combat medic and a reserve officer in the Israel international law division. In the foreign ministry, he had various legal posts as well as diplomatic ones.

Daniel has been in peace negotiation process between Israel and Palestine and also Syria & Israel. Taub later became an Ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom in 2011.

Daniel Taub is one of the leading diplomats in his country. However, he migrated to Israel and changed his citizenship. During a farewell interview with the queen, Daniel Taub says that for him it is a great achievement raising his children in their homeland that is historical after a long exile.

His passion to represent a country that he had immigrated for many years is also to show his great appreciation of bringing those two countries together.

Daniel Taub says that he believes that having faith in one’s life can build bridges. The record shows that he is the most successful in Israel since the fatal death of Shlomo Argrov. Daniel has been in Israel during the time of crisis. He takes care of their cases to the government as well as having talks on media programmes. Learn more about Daniel Taub: https://soundcloud.com/danieltaub

It is in a media session that he gets to have a word with business people and affairs of academics progress. Taub has been of very great help to people of Israel and the United Kingdom since there is cooperation between academic and joint research as well as active bilateral trade.

Daniel Taub has succeeded in making Israel recognize Britain as an important country and creating historical achievements. He focused more on technology and trade between the two countries.

Britain has played a role in being the center of finances to the world with its media being the most effective in the world. He made the foreign trade to double during his four years as the ambassador.

Daniel Taub’s ambassadorship is termed as being right and fruitful. He says that being an ambassador is demanding, but the important thing is knowing that you are only doing that work for a period and therefore giving it the best should be your drive.

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