Course Offerrings Through Wessex Institute of Technology

The Wessex Institute of Technology offers several condensed and in-depth courses. These courses are usually held over the course of several days. They are a great way to find more about a given field, to keep up to date with current advances, or even get in touch with other people in the field. Along with the other services provided by WIT, this enriching experience will help improve your education.

Wessex Institute of Technology holds most of its courses in Ashurst Lodge in England. The Ashurst lodge provides a nice relaxing environment to focus on the course, without the usual stress of classroom. All of the amenities are provided including coffee, tee, and of course the required materials for the course.

The main content of the courses focuses on popular topics in economics, engineering, computer science, climate, and more. Some of the more recent courses were as follows: “Spatial Target Mapping for Hazard Prediction and Risk Assessment”, “Short Course on Security System Integration”, and “System Dynamics Modelling for Water Resources Management”.

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