Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson ranks high in the list of the most successful music producers in the United States. He has specialized in the provision of musician management services as well as organizing music events. Mr. Clayton Hutson studied theater design in university. After completion of his studies, he was employed in various live music production industries. This was when he realized that he had a passion for music. He worked for some years and ultimately became a project manager. Mr. Hutson worked in this post for some time, and he later decided to start his firm. Today, Mr. Hutson is a successful owner of a company that deals with management, production and project designs in the music industry. His company primarily deals with the production of Rock music genre. He is widely known to many Rock music performers. Some of the musicians that he has helped to stage vibrant performances include Pink, Kid Rock, and Guns N’ Roses.

In 2005, Mr. Hutson and his crew were actively involved in organizing for a world tour that was called “Bleed Like Me.” In collaboration with a band called Garbage, Mr. Hutson and his crew took part in the tour that drew large masses of revelers in various parts of the world.The tour was held in Europe, Australia, and North America. Mr. Hutson at this time was the band’s monitor engineer. In 2017, Mr. Hutson and his team were involved in the organizing of another tour that took part in North America and Asia. This tour that was dubbed “Honda Civic Tour” featured One Republic Band as the primary performers.

In a previous interview, Mr. Hutson revealed how he has managed to cut a niche in the competitive industry. He cites his previous jobs as the source of the immense experience in marketing. Mr. Hutson worked for some years then someday he thought of developing his firm. He says that this was one of the riskiest decisions that he has ever made. The risk was worth it as his business broke even shortly after and today he is an owner of a successful entity.

He believes in taking a pragmatic approach to developing music concepts rather than relying on impractical imaginations that are applied by many producers. He encourages the use of computer-aided design to improve the quality of the production. Mr. Hutson insists that dimensions are very significant in determining the final quality of a stage performance. He encourages those staging shows to consider this to ensure that they give viewers memorable performances.  Learn more:

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