Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Provides Solutions to Traffic Congestion


In September, American Statesman pointed out that that there will be an increase in traffic congestion in Austin. They made this statement in the Viewpoint editorial. They also pointed out that there is need for tech solution to solve this problem. Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority applauded the American statesman for pointing out this looming crisis. They also agreed to the fact that they need multiple resources to address several upcoming traffic problems and concern. They mentioned the 183A Toll road that was built in Cedar Park and Leander. The road has benefited this region and has transformed the lives of the locals during this period that they are experiencing exponential growth. The U.S 290 toll road is another road that was built between Manor and Austin tripled the previous roads’ capacity.



Mobility Authority has always put their innovation skills ahead of the rest. They use MoPac Express lanes that manage traffic by using advanced technology. In all these they are working towards eliminating traffic congestion completely.  With the use of their technical skill, we are sure of having “smart roads.”



This will lead to the creation of a traffic app that will be used together with traffic monitoring system. The integration of these two techniques will be able to provide other possible routes for commuter. They also recommended the filling of empty car seats with carpoolers so as to ease congestions in Austin. They are encouraging residents to pedal and walk more to destinations that are near. Drivers are discouraged from starting and stopping on busy roadways. Motorist with minor problems are aslso provided with help from Highway Emergency Response Operator all thanks to Capital Area Metropolitan Planning. With all these recommendations and techniques, Mobility Authority hopes to provide cities that are free from traffic congestion.



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Mike Heiligenstein is the Executive Director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority for fourteen years. He managed to nature a transportation agency into one of the most recognized Toll roads operators in the U.S. He holds a degree in Government from the University of Texas. He attained his Master’s Degree of Governments and MBA (Masters of Business Administration) from University of Texas located in Austin. He is also serving on Board of two organizations namely; Texas Transportation Institute and the International Bridge.


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