Rick Smith Helps Grow Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is based out of Texas, but it also has a handful of locations across the United States.It is currently run by Rick Smith. Securus Technologies has been serving the community for three decades.The company employs around one thousand people and has over two thousand contracts with United States correctional facilities, public safety agencies and law enforcement. These groups include over one million people. Through these contracts, Securus Technologies handles not only communications but also inmate self-service, incident management, facility monitoring, emergency response, public information and biometric analysis.

In June 2008, Rick Smith was hired by Securus Technologies to become the company’s CEO and President. Not even a year later Smith also became s Securus Technologies chairman. Under his watchful eye the company was able to grow and overcome one of its long time corporate rivals, Global Tel Link. Smith did this by expanding the number of serices and products that Securus Technologies offered. He also took previously outsourced positions, such as the company’s call center, and made them domestic. This increased productivity and customer support efficiency.

In the past decade Rick Smith and Securus Technologies have formed one of the largest VOIP services in the world, increasing the company’s value by over $600 million. Many at Securus Technologies believe that Rick Smith was the logical choice when they position of President was being decided. His years of experience in the fields of technology manufacturing, workplace operations, finance, business development, information technology and telecommunication have made him a knowledgable leader.

Before he was a part of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith completed his college education in New York. He has four degrees, an MBA from the University of Rochester, a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from New York State University, a Master’s Degree in Engineering from New York State University and an Associate’s Degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology. These educational achievements prepared Smith for his first major career in 1972 at Global Crossing North America Inc. He remained there for over two decades, rising in the ranks, before becoming the Chief Financial Officer of Eschelon Telecom Inc in 1998. Two years later Smith became the President of the company, earning a few promotions along the way. His ambition did not stop when he was hired by Securus Technologies Inc in 2008.

Rick Smith is still the President and Board Member of Integra Telecom Co Ltd and Board Member of Eschelon Telecom Inc. Smith also uses his time to benefit others. With his help the “Securus Foundation” was created. The foundation is a non-profit organization that helps ease the transition of those incarcerated to re-enter into the world. The Securus Foundation has seen a positive outcome for those who have been able to use its resources.

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