How To Fly Through The Fagali’I Airport

The Fagali’I Airport wasn’t always open to the public. Decades ago, the airport was owned by local government agencies, which prevented people from being able to fly locally or internationally. Thankfully, the government sold the rights to the airport to Polynesian Airlines who later opened the airport to be used by the public.

The great thing about the new Fagali’I Airport is that it has both local and international airlines available. The two international airlines are known as Samoa America and Pago Pago. Both of these options make traveling abroad quick, easy and fun. You can also travel locally through the Fagali’I Airport by choosing Samoa Air or Polynesian Airlines.

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The Fagali’I Airport has a range of amenities and features to make traveling fun and convenient. There is a restaurant within the airport itself that has some award-winning dishes and meals that you can enjoy between flights. The convenient and low-cost gift shop makes shopping for friends and family effortless. You can take advantage of the different cafes and vending machines throughout the airport to grab yourself a snack. If you would like to buy a ticket locally or internationally, this can be done through the Fagali’I Airport website, where they have a highly-integrated booking system put into place.

Thousands of different people are employed through the Fagali’I Airport. They are proud to help the airport grow and expand to what you see today according to Since the company has been launched and reopened as the Fagali’I Airport, it has seen millions of people walk through its doors each and every year. In fact, the Fagali’I Airport is Samoa’s largest and most popular airport, since it has multiple international lines available to the public. Recent reports have emerged claiming that the Fagali’I Airport is going to be undergoing some changes and renovations to improve the airport for commuters. You can find out more about the Fagali’I Airport online by visiting its site or social media pages on Facebook and Twitter. The Fagali’I Airport has been a wonderful asset to the local area and has brought in a tremendous amount of money for local growth.

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