Life Perspective: Interview With Vijay Eswaran

Malaysian businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist Vijay Eswaran founded QI Group, as a MLM company in 1998. The company started in Kuala Lumpur and eventually branched into other industries, including telecommunications. During calendar year 2013, QI group recorded revenue of $750 million.

Due to the phenomenal growth of QI Group, Forbes magazine named Eswaran as the 25th wealthiest person in Malaysia during the same year. Vijay Eswaran is a sought after speaker, providing insight about business success, work ethic, philanthropic efforts and his general life philosophies.

The following contains excerpts from his various discussions, published thoughts and multiple philosophical talks.

Q: How can a person find purpose in life?

A: Well, you are not here by accident. Your mission is to find direction and purpose by looking within using introspection and retrospection.

If a person takes what they’ve learned and makes their thoughts into actions and take heed everyday. By converting words and taking them into the heart. Life is precious, use it for discovery of your purpose. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Words can empower you, if you use them and instead of just listening to a speaker speak. Write down messages that you hear and then rest and recall them the next day as a way to change your life.

Q: What are you personal thoughts on belief?

A: You have to make a commitment to believe. You can’t just believe, you have to use it as an energy. Then it becomes an incredible force. You have to believe that a thing can be done, for it to actually to become reality.

Just as an architect builds a building, even if they fail time and time again. They believe that it’s possible to accomplish the final project.

Networking marketing isn’t a gimmick, it’s not something that just happens. A person needs to believe that they can become successful and then turn to yourself and say, ‘I can do it.’ This is how believing actually works. You can’t say that you believe and do nothing.

Take the knowledge from wherever you obtained it and use it to become reborn, reinvent yourself. The first step and the key is “believe.”

Q: What is the one thing that you think every successful person needs to have?

A: Belief is a powerful energy and it is very important. But without focus, belief is dead. Focus with belief is equivalent to the power of the sun. Only a small amount of focus is just like capturing the sun rays in a magnifying glass.

You can have all the energy you want, but you need focus and belief to keep going. Keep going until you accomplish your goals.

A magnifying glass is like a burning energy, use it to add to your belief. Focus allowed a man who did not belong to any political party and who didn’t belong to any particular portion of humanity, to bring together a large segment of states for a unified purpose.

The man was able to overcome major barriers, despite turbulent times, due to his focus and belief. He accomplished something that others could not see, he unified 500 states and made what today is called, India.

That man is considered the father of modern India and his name was, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Or as he simply became known as, Gandhi.

Q: If you had to pick one thing that has made you a successful person in life, what would that be?

A: As honored as I am by people thinking of me as a success, I like to help others accomplish their financial goals. You essentially have to raise yourself. But, there’s nothing you can do without having a firm commitment to yourself. Belief is the fuel, but commitment is the power. It means staying on the path, staying on the road, until you complete your goal.

If one person is rich it doesn’t help the world. When you commit to others, then you can bring about worldwide change. When I started QI there was a commitment to do whatever it took to achieve financial success.

What started as QI grew into “V” a successful MLM networking empire. We didn’t start out successful, we had to learn from failure. In the beginning we believed in others, more than we believed in ourselves. When I say “we,” it is the initial team that I assembled.

The people we believed in had been overtaken by “greed.” When we committed to ourselves, our own growth and then we were willing to invest in ourselves. Rather than invest and believe only in others. We had to re-invent ourselves.

When we did, we committed to being successful, without relying on others. It took failure of believing that other people could make us successful.

Once, we committed to ourselves, we were rewarded for the vow we took to ourselves. Because the vow meant taking small steps daily. We started out with baby steps, that’s why QI is successful as a group of companies. It all began with one thing, “commitment.”

Q: How do you respond to negative or bad publicity?

A: Well, there’s a very famous quote by Mehment Murat ildan that I firmly believe in, “Let the dogs bark, the wolves howl, the lightnings flash and the crows caw, you continue doing your job!” Because I know that you cannot make everyone happy.

No matter what you do as a job, someone will have something bad to say about you. People said that we wouldn’t last a year. Then we did, then people started whispering they’ll be gone soon.

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