Capital Anesthesiology Association & Why It’s So Important

Capital Anesthesiology Association is one of the biggest independent practices that specializes in anesthesiology in the country today. Established back in 1973, this institution has dramatically grown in personnel and by providing the highest quality of care for over 20 medical facilities in the Metropolitan Austin, Texas Region. There are over 80 (MDs) Physicians and up to 130 Certified registered Nurse Anesthetists who are all board certified.

Anesthesiology plays an important role in medical care as these physicians are well trained in specialized areas such as pediatric, obstetric, and cardiothoracic anesthesiology. These professionals provide a comfortable and safe environment for all patients. The institution covers over 20 medical centers throughout the area including ambulatory surgery centers, level 1 trauma centers, and high acuity hospitals. Capital Anesthesiology Association gives much needed support when dealing with insurance companies. This provides a much smoother billing process as the clinical and administrative staff are dedicated in serving the patients/clients.

There are three general classifications of anesthesiology known as General, Regional, and Local/MAC Care.  Here are some of the medical facilities being served:

  • Seton Medical Center
  • Cedar Park Regional Medical Center
  • Seton Hayes
  • Dell Children’s Medical Center
  • Brackenridge Hospital

For the safest practice in anesthesiology, Capital Anesthesiology Association is leading the way with their extraordinary services.

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