Capital Group’s Fruitful Executive

Samsung Asset Management had been reported to be in collaboration with Capital Group which is led by Mr. Armour. The focus of this joint effort being retirement organization, product supervision, investment administration and distribution channels support. These are the four areas the two firms are looking to put their money on as part of global investments and management of assets products designed primarily for the Korean market.  According to Armour, Korea was trying to manage statistical difficulties about the proceeding money related necessities that come with an aging population.

1983 is the year when Tim Armour started his long career at Capital Group back then as just a member of the Associates Program. He has worked hard over the years and gained a lot of experience that he even became the chairman of Capital Group Companies. This happened after the demise of Jim Rothenberg, the former chair of Capital Group in July 2015. Mr. Armour went on to be the chairman and principal executive officer of Capital Research and Management Company as well as Capital Group Management Committee’s chairman. Capital Group Company had begun its operations in 1931 as an investment management company. It is based in California in the city of Los Angeles. Capital Group being well known for its focus and determination on long-term vision and investments has over the years earned recognition for being the oldest and largest investment company around the globe.

Some of the cities where the company is known to have offices in are London, Tokyo, and Sydney, employing over seven thousand talents from across the world. It is the employment of such great talents like Armour’s that has seen the firm raise to successful heights, building over 1.4 trillion US dollars in the process. Mr. Tim Armour has over the years dedicated his entire life and skills to ensuring that the company continues to achieve its goals, see through its vision and maintain its good reputation. The success realized in return keeps the investors happy. Tim Armour holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College and has gathered over thirty-two years of investment experience working with Capital Group.

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