AvaTrade: A Trustworthy Investment Platform

Many people do not know what AvaTrade is, and a lot of them are hearing information about the company and wanted to make sure if it exists. AvaTrade, founded as AvaGruppen in 2006, is one of the fastest growing investment and financial firms that is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. The founder of the company, Clal Finance, Emanuel Kronitz, and Negev Nosatzki, got the inspiration in creating AvaGruppen when they found out that a sizable chunk of the American public does not have any idea on how the stock market works. They wanted to give additional knowledge to the public, and it is the reason why AvaGruppen was born.


Through the years, AvaGruppen made several achievements, including the detection of fraudulent activities on their website. The founders, Clal Finance, Emanuel Kronitz, and Negev Nosatzki, decided to update AvaGruppen and renamed it to AvaTrade in 2013. The company has also stated that with their name change, they will now be able to expand their operations overseas. AvaTrade started to infiltrate nations and persuade the people to invest and join their fast-growing community. AvaTrade also developed the capability to trade using foreign currencies, stock market shares, cryptocurrencies, bonds, private funds, and many other investment types.


Clal Finance, Emanuel Kronitz, and Negev Nosatzki are happy with the current state of AvaTrade. They stated that with the changing world, the way on how an individual should earn money is also changing. With the introduction of AvaTrade, people will be now having the option to trade anytime and anywhere they wanted. Another good thing with AvaTrade is that the company would not charge any commission fee to those who are using their system. According to the company, providing a commission-free transaction would allow the clients to invest more in the product.


AvaTrade continues to dominate the industry where it belongs. They are hoping that in the future, more people will be aware of what AvaTrade is. The company keeps on promoting their products and services across the world, even if more than 200,000 people from 160 countries are already using the platform for investment and trading purposes that would assist the public in acquiring more wealth.

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