A Look At Vijay Eswaran’s Biography

Vijay Eswaran is a revered entrepreneur who is behind the success of the QI Group. As one of the founders of the conglomerate, he has played a pivotal role in the success of the company. The executive chairman of the e-commerce business has spearheaded the company’s investment strategy to different sectors. Presently, the entity has vast interest in education, property development, lifestyle and leisure, collectibles and luxury, retail and direct sales, logistics and conference management.

Before returning to Asia to engage in business, Vijay Eswaran had pursued his higher studies in different universities in the United States and the United Kingdom. In addition, he worked for world-renowned corporations such as IBM. In these companies, which are based in Australia, Europe, Canada and USA, Eswaran rendered his services in different leadership positions. The vast experience and knowledge that he gained oversees has helped him to guide QI Group to success.

When he returned to Asia, he experienced the effects of the economic crisis. Back then, he did not have funding or connection. Vijay contends that he managed to meet with a team of like-minded people. To this end, they founded the direct selling and training corporation, which today has become a multi-million conglomerate.

Through his transformative leadership, Eswaran has expanded the company’s product and service offing to Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. Through its subsidiaries, the corporation has been able to offer its products and services to various countries. Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group of Companies

Moreover, he has inspired many university students, employees and different leaders of international organizations.

Eswaran is renowned philanthropist. To enhance QI group’s corporate social responsibility, he established RYTHM Foundation. This institution engages in different charitable initiatives around the globe. In Malaysia, Vijay saw the need to establish the Vijayaratnam Foundation, which is the local chapter of the RYTHM Foundation. He founded this organization in honor of his father. The foundation has been working with different entities to enhance child mentoring, empower women, facilitate youth development and advance special education.

Over the years, Vijay Eswaran has been the recipient of various awards, including Heroes of Philanthropy. The best-selling author has published various books, including “In The Thinking Zone” and “18 Stepping Zones.”

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